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Welcome to Gas It Offroad and to the upcoming season. We are excited to have you as a part of our series and to be able to provide awesome racing to you and your competition. Below you will find a series of steps to follow and guide you into easily getting registered and ready for your first race with Gas It Offroad! If at any time you come across any questions, concerns, or hang-ups please contact us as we will be more than happy to aid you in the process.


Please Complete Each Step BEFORE moving onto the next step.





To compete in any of the Gas It Offroad series events you will need to have a current membership to AMA.

Memberships benefit the series and the riders as well.  Please follow the link below to sign-up for your

AMA Membership:



STEP 2  |  UNDER 18 Years Old


Riders under 18 years of age MUST complete an approved OHV course and obtain a safety permit prior to riding on public lands, and must carry the safety permit when operating on public lands.


To find out more information and to take an online OHV safety training course, click on the following link:





Riders must choose their class based upon engine size, age, ability level, and class designation in other series. Please select the proper class from the class layout page under the rules tab at the top of the page. Take note of the number range for your desired class for the next step. Gas It Offroad asks that you try to follow the number plate color designations as well.


Class Layout & Number Range





Series number registration must be completed before any rider may enter into an event. Top ten overall numbers earned from the previous Gas It season will be honored. There will be a 1 week period for all previous year assigned bike numbers to reserve their same number and class. All other numbers are open and will be assigned on a first come basis. Please read the following before placing your Number request to ensure you are eligible for your desired number. Your official number will be emailed back to you and will then be visible on the Numbers List.


- Please provide 3 possible numbers within your class range with your first choice first.

- All requests MUST be filled out completely. Any request with partial info will be notified and be moved to the end of the list.

- Numbers will NOT be assigned without an AMA number. (These will be checked at each race. Bring your card)

- Check already assigned numbers in your class prior to your registration.






Once you have an official bike number registration completed you can then sign up for the next upcoming event. Visit the Event info page to find the event flyer and info on the next race. You can then visit the Event Pre-Entry page to click on the event to enter online.

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