PROMOTED BY: Desert Rough Riders Club

ROUND 3 | CARLSBAD 100 | OCTOBER 16/17, 2021


Take NM-360 to Shugart Rd. Proceed East on Shugart Rd. to pit location on the North (Left) side of Shugart Rd. 

Track Description:

Coming Soon

Lap Length: TBD

Youth Races:

All youth races will be based on time +1 lap after the time cutoff. Time of each class will be discussed prior to the start of the race with input from the parents with consideration of track layout and class ability. Once a race is started, the time will not be cut short for any non emergent/safety circumstance.

First Race Registration


(must already have season number assigned)

Sign Up at the Event

Registration at the event is available for everything you need. This includes race sign up, series numbers, and AMA. There is a $20 post entry fee to sign up at the event so it is best to pre enter and save time and money. Sunday registration is only available on a unique circumstance basis. If you need to request a Sunday registration, please contact us with your request at least 48 hours before the event.